About Us

I’ve been selling as far back as I can remember – even as a kid I sold newspapers, pop bottles, cans, etc. I guess you could say that I’m a natural born salesman. Rahim’s Beauty Supply began in my car in the early 1990′s. I sold hair accessories, purses, and other small items. In 1995, I purchased a cargo van to accommodate my growing product offerings which expanded to include area and accent rugs, clothing, shoes, pictures, and other general merchandise.

While on pilgrimage to Mecca in 2006, a fellow pilgrim suggested that I open a store, so after weighing the pros and cons I decided to move forward and make a go of it. In 2009, I opened the door to Rahim’s Beauty Supply and we’ve been satisfying your hair care and beauty needs ever since.

Rahim in store 2

Our beautiful Selena – not only is she beautiful and smart, but she’s the sweetest girl in the world! Selena has been with Rahim’s Beauty Supply for a year and she knows her stuff!


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